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There are lots of reasons why people are using self storage facilities, it could be you are downsizing, decorating or your brand new home is not quite ready. Whatever the reason Swiftly Moved are here to help transport your items into your storage facility.

All facilities will need you to take an insurance to the value of your goods stored. It is a good idea when packing up your home or office to make a list of all items and add a value to them, total everything up at the end to see if your cover is sufficient.

Most companies offer short term or long term stay and offer different rates the longer you remain. We have good relationships with lots of facilities, so give us a call should you need help with choosing what size room you require. Alternatively check out a local storage business here.

There are many companies offering self storage with many different sizes of rooms. See below for a guide (estimate only) to the different size of rooms.

Storage Facility

Top 10 Reasons for Self Storage;

  1. Downsizing
  2. Decorating
  3. Extending the current home
  4. Students whilst on summer holiday
  5. New baby on the way
  6. Need space for your work tools
  7. Taking a sabbatical
  8. Need more space in general
  9. New home/office has fallen through
  10. New job and working away

Why Choose Swiftly Moved;

  • Great Attention To Detail
  • Fully Trained Staff
  • All Crew Are Uniformed
  • Fully Insured
  • A Point Of Contact Throughout Your Move

 What We Offer For House Moves;

  • Professional Packing Service
  • Dismantling & Reassembling Service
  • Skilled Moving Team
  • All Equipment & Tools

Below are different room sizes with their comparisions.

Unit Size Equivalent Size How Many Boxes Fit Vehicle Size Needed
16 sq ft Phone Box 20 Combi Van
25 sq ft Garden Shed 40 Transit Van
35 sq ft Third Garage 60 Transit Van
50 sq ft 1 Bed Flat 100 Transit Van
75 sq ft 2 Bed Flat 150 Luton Van
100 sq ft 3 Bed Flat 200 Luton Van
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