Hazardous Items

Hazardous Items

Hazardous Items

The following list of hazardous items are NOT to be stored at any self storage facility. This is for your protection and ours.

You may feel that your storage room is for all of your personal items, but unfortunately due to safety and insurance purposes there are many things which are not allowed.

As a general rule, if you shouldn’t have it then then we probably can’t either. Plus some other things you may not be aware of.

PEOPLE; We once had a customer ask us if we could store her dead husband. We really do like to help but this is a stretch too far.

ACCOMMODATION; Storage units are not allowed to be lived in.

ANIMALS; I have read there are more than 1 million types of species, sorry but we can’t look after any of them.

FLAMMABLE ITEMS; Propane tanks, lamp and motor oil, acid, corrosives, fertilisers, paint, kerosene, petrol, diesel, cleaners, compressed gas, chemicals, narcotics, hazardous waste, toxic waste, biological waste, asbestos. Rule of thumb, if it could ignite and cause a fire, probably best not to bring it.

RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS; Due to harmful effects to humans! If we start glowing green we will know why.

FIREARMS/AMMUNITIONS; We are not able to store any item in this category. I’ve heard Arizona is the place to be for guns.

CLIMATE CONTROLLED ITEMS; Precious wines, artwork, vinyl.

PERISHABLE FOOD; Any form of food will probably attract vermin.

LIVE PLANTS; These will probably also attract vermin.

ILLEGAL GOODS/STOLEN GOODS; This one is self explanatory.

BUSINESS PREMISES; You are not allowed to use your storage unit to buy or sell goods.

CASH; “Money isn’t everything…but it ranks right up there with oxygen.” — Rita Davenport


These guidelines are put in place to keep everything safe and everyone happy. This is not an exhaustive list, if you are unsure about what you can and can’t store please ask. For further information please click here for our full terms and conditions.

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