Insurance of Removals & Storage

So, your things are on the move and you hope they get from a to b safely! There are many removal companies out there that do not have the correct insurances in place. Always ask your removal firm to see if they have the right insurance options to cover your goods.

Alternately, you can contact your home insurance company and ask if your worldly possessions are protected by your home policy. If not, you may be able to put this in place.

Ask your removal company what their policy’s are and how much cover is in place. It’s a good idea to walk around your home before packing starts and write a list and value each item, to make sure your cover is adequate. If you feel the removal companies cover is not enough, bring it to their attention and they can increase it for your move.

Self Storage

If your items are going into a storage facility, most facilities will ask for you to pay a compulsory insurance, the insurance should be adequate enough to cover the total sum of your items. It is your responsibility to have the insurance cover for your items, the same way as you cover the contents insurance of your home.

Did you pack your own boxes?

Sometimes, removal companies will not cover boxes that have been packed by the owner as they cannot validate the condition of the items before they were moved. Also, your home insurance company may not pay out in the event of a claim if the boxes were not professionally packed.

Most removal companies offer a packing service for a small fee. This way you know for insurances purposes your covered.

Before your move make sure all points above are discussed with the removal company and everything has been given in writing.


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